Addiction Treatment by Dr. Anna Wachtel, M.D, Psychiatrist in Manhattan, NYC

Dr. Anna Wachtel eminent psychiatrist in New York, has been working tirelessly with drug and alcohol addicts of all ages. She offers counseling to adults and teenagers going through the problem of drug and alcohol addiction. She is reputed psychiatrist known to work compassionately and provide guidance towards addiction recovery. She also provides behaviour therapy to correct other addictive behaviours such as gambling and food addiction. She believes that addiction is a kind of psychiatric behaviour with associated issues of depression and mood disorders. She works to manage not only the addiction but, also eliminate its root cause and associated issues so that you can live a carefree life without worrying about addiction or its triggers.


Every addicted individual is unique and different from another. Dr. Anna Wachtel offers personalized counseling to assess the person and suggest therapy accordingly. It may include talk therapy or a combination of medication and psychotherapy counseling. Her motive to work is to help addicted individuals live a cheerful addiction-free life forever.

Dr. Wachtel will help you understand and improve following Symptoms:

Addiction can only be treated with a firm mind and supportive environment. If not taken care it can occur again. Therefore, it is utterly important to eliminate the illness from its roots itself. Dr. Anna Wachtel ensures that with her individual therapy, family counseling sessions, couple therapy, and latest tools, she provides you with a complete solution.

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