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“Benzos”, short for Benzodiazepines, is a class of controlled medications often prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. These include Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin and Valium. There are much safer and more helpful treatment options, which should be explored with a treating psychiatrist I see wide variety of patients - different ages and diverse cultures and socio-economic status. A common factor to many of these patients is somewhere along the line they were prescribed Benzodiazepines on a daily or as needed basis for…

The medical field is an evolving science that enables us to feel better and live longer, with a more satisfying life. We may believe that irritability, feeling worried, not being able to sleep, feeling overwhelmed on a constant basis is expected and that it is going to go away. But often those feeling can be symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc. that needs to be addressed and treated. We tend to overlook that the brain is an organ similar…

You can beat it!  The movie Manchester by the Sea ends with the main protagonist, Lee Chandler's hopeless statement, "I can't beat it ...", that reflects his depressed mood. What is it that he can't beat? Is it depression or alcoholism that's stopping him from living an enjoyable and meaningful life? Before the fire tragedy, Lee's lack of ambition and motivation in different sectors of his life might be an expression of a depressive state. He tries to numb these…

Another life lost! Substance use disorder is treatable, it very often presents with underlying psychiatric illness such as depression bipolar disorder that need to be treated. People often start using different dangerous drugs as self medication for those treatable conditions and risk developing dependence! Psychiatric illness is not a state of mind it's a medical illness that needs to be treated with treatment that was scientifically approved and found to be effective and helpful !!!Substance use disorder and psychiatric illness…

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