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The medical field is an evolving science that enables us to feel better and live longer, with a more satisfying life. We may believe that irritability, feeling worried, not being able to sleep, feeling overwhelmed on a constant basis is expected and that it is going to go away. But often those feeling can be symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder etc. that needs to be addressed and treated. We tend to overlook that the brain is an organ similar to other organs in our body and sometimes needs medical help to improve its function and establish a better chemical balance so we feel better, similar to medications that reduce blood pressure or medications that reduce sugar levels in the case of diabetes, thyroid medications, heart medications etc. Would we not treat blood pressure? Not treat thyroid or heart disease? Just do yoga, run and be vegan ...? Maybe, but most likely it wouldn’t help and may be very dangerous without medical consultation. Yes, yoga, meditation and running are important supplements, but not a substitute, in most cases, for medical treatment. The brain is an organ. Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, to name a few, are medical illnesses that require the same attention and treatment as high blood pressure, thyroid disease, asthma and diabetes. Not treating psychiatric disorders can be very painful and dangerous. We want to feel good and lead a healthy, more fulfilled and productive life. Let’s toast to life, ”L’chaim !”

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Dr. Wachtel trained in New York City at the Beth Israel Medical Center Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Residency in Psychiatry. Read More




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